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Appropriate Technology

Ongwediva - RDC provides affordable products and services to rural communities through its Appropriate Technology (AT) Department.

Appropriate technology (AT) is small scale technology that is designed with special consideration to the environment, ethical, cultural, social and economical aspectsof the community it is intended for. Expanding access to appropriate technologies in rural communities in Nambia is vital to ensure equitable socio-economic development and as a strategy of putting Rural communities on a more equal footing with the rest of the Country in terms of scientific advancement.

Importance of appropriate technologies

Rural areas continue to be marginalised in terms of access to simple appropriate technologies, information and communication technologies and modern technologies.To curb the marginalisation, the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, through its decentralization process established rural development centres for easier and improved access of appropriate technologies by the rural communities. In addition this helps bring rural communities closer to their mainly urban elites who have access to ICTs, water, electricity and other technologies.

Rural areas are endowed with natural resources that can be tapped using appropriate technology to improve the livelihoods of the people. Some of projects thatcould be intergrated in all the rural development centers include hammer mill making, mould making, construction, agriculture, rain water harverting, carpentry, welding and other projects.


Appropriate technology for such kinds of work which is rendered by local entrepreneurs is usually very expensive and very few people in rural areas access it, therefore the intervention of government of Namibia through the ministry of local government and Rural Development, in setting up rural development centres and funding their operations is very beneficial to local rural communities.







Community Outreach

Appropriate Technology

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Tel: +264 65 230282 Fax: +264 65 230281
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